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Epilogue: Resurrection

Epilogue: Resurrection

(p.316) Epilogue: Resurrection
Bob Drinan
Raymond A. SchrothS. J.
Fordham University Press

After Drinan completed his fifth term and left Congress in January 1981, Georgetown Law quickly offered him a professorship, and he returned to a modest room in the ancient Mulledy Hall and a very challenging and satisfying new life. For the most part, this gave him every opportunity, comparable to his congressional influence, to work for the goals of what he had come to consider essential during his “best” ten years. But much of what he did during the congressional years he kept doing. He wrote seven books, many journal articles and reviews, and a regular column for the National Catholic Reporter, which gave him every opportunity to reach a large Catholic and ecumenical audience with his political views. And he wrote regularly for America, the magazine that had given him his start.

Keywords:   Father Robert Drinan, Jesuit priests, Georgetown Law, writing

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