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Latin America, Israel, and the Last Campaign

Latin America, Israel, and the Last Campaign

(p.266) 12 Latin America, Israel, and the Last Campaign
Bob Drinan
Raymond A. SchrothS. J.
Fordham University Press

Drinan's expedition to Argentina was in the tradition of his 1969 flight with an investigating committee to Vietnam—a team of concerned human rights activists, this time representing Amnesty International, who wanted to talk to presidents and prisoners, visit scenes of alleged crimes, and question the victims as well as those responsible. They wished to alert the larger world to a local crime that demanded global attention. It was also a foreshadowing of a major direction his life and career were about to take. What he learned in Argentina he would reinforce the next year in El Salvador, and the following year in South Africa and Southeast Asia again, and finally a return to El Salvador and other countries in Central America during what would become his last year in office. But the combined impact of all these experiences would transform him into one of America's leading apostles for human rights, both in and out of office.

Keywords:   Father Robert Drinan, Jesuit priests, Argentina, human rights, Amnesty International

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