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(p.238) 11 Around the World
Bob Drinan
Raymond A. SchrothS. J.
Fordham University Press

Congressman Drinan's four-page occasional newsletter to his constituents summed up the achievements of 1974 and outlined the challenges ahead in 1975, celebrating the end of the “dark night” of Watergate and offering hope, based on the arrival of “75 new and generally progressive Democrats” in the House and the “erosion of the seniority rule.” This, it was hoped, might lead to a decreased military budget, national health insurance, a coherent energy policy, and antitrust measures against multinational corporations. Drinan was appalled that in five months 50,000 to 100,000 had died of starvation in Bangladesh while 26.6 percent of the administration's Food for Peace budget was earmarked for Indochina. He saw the issues of world hunger, global inflation, and arms control as tied together. Money spent on arms took men and money out of the private sector, where it could increase the volume of consumer goods and decrease prices.

Keywords:   Father Robert Drinan, Jesuit priests, world hunger, global inflation, arms control, Indochina

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