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(p.1) Introduction
Bob Drinan
Raymond A. SchrothS. J.
Fordham University Press

This introductory chapter begins by exploring the impact of Father Drinan on his time. It describes several instances, from the 1960s onward, of how Drinan touched the lives of the people around him. It then sets out the purpose of the book, which is to introduce the boy from the Boston town of Hyde Park who moved into the larger world of Boston College in 1938, then into many larger worlds—the Society of Jesus, the Church in Europe, religious journalism, law study in the nation's capital, teaching, academic administration, civil rights, Vietnam, Massachusetts politics, Congress, Central America, Soviet Russia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and book writing. And then he turned to twenty-six years of teaching law, all the while advocating for disarmament and human rights.

Keywords:   Father Robert Drinan, Jesuit priests, lawyer, Boston

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