The Catholic Church and the Jewish PeopleRecent Reflections from Rome

The Catholic Church and the Jewish PeopleRecent Reflections from Rome

Philip A Cunningham, Norbert J. Hofmann, and Joseph Sievers

Print publication date: 2011

ISBN: 9780823228058

Publisher: Fordham University Press


This book makes available in fifteen chapters English essays that mark the fortieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council's Declaration on the Relationship of the Church to Non-Christian Religions (Nostra Aetate). Surveying Vatican dialogues and documents, the chapters explore theological questions posed by the Shoah and the Catholic recognition of the Jewish people's covenantal life with God. Featuring essays by Vatican officials, leading rabbis, diplomats, and Catholic and Jewish scholars, the book discusses the nature of Christian–Jewish relations and the need to remember their conflicted and often tragic history, aspects of a Christian theology of Judaism, the Catholic–Jewish dialogue since the Shoah, and the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Israel. The book includes an essay by Cardinal Walter Kasper, president of the Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, and documents on the rapprochement between the Church and the Jewish people.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Reflections on the Relationship between Jews and Christians

4. Reflections Toward Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Maria Martini, and Cardinal Carlo

Part 2 The Need to Remember

Part 3 Toward a Christian Theology of Judaism

Part 4 The Post-Shoah Catholic-Jewish Dialogue

Part 5 The New Relationship between the Holy See and the State of Israel

14. The Vatican and Israel

Cardinal Achille Silvestrini