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Philosophy for Children

Philosophy for Children

(p.25) 1 Philosophy for Children
Theory for Beginners
Kenneth B. Kidd
Fordham University Press

Emphasizing the contributions of Matthew Lipman and Gareth Matthews, Chapter 1 examines the P4C movement, which promotes the idea that both children and children’s literature have philosophical tendencies. For P4C, to think philosophically means to think both critically and creatively. This vision of philosophy aligns with a similar understanding of theory. P4C got its start in the United States and has since spread to other countries and continents. At one point there were reportedly 5,000 P4C programs in the United States alone. P4C is enjoying a recent resurgence and continues to be influential worldwide. Chapter 1 examines the evolving use of children’s literature in P4C, as a way of understanding the mutualities of children’s literature and philosophy. P4C has helped to establish children’s literature as philosophical and ethical engagement, linking it with progressive education and children’s rights. It promises also to keep philosophy fresh for practitioners and the larger public. Contemporary PwC (philosophy with children) gives priority to the use of picturebooks.

Keywords:   children’s literature, children’s rights, education, Matthew Lipman, Gareth Matthews, P4C, philosophy, picturebooks, PwC, wonder

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