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Introduction: Children's Literature Otherwise

Introduction: Children's Literature Otherwise

(p.1) Introduction: Children's Literature Otherwise
Theory for Beginners
Kenneth B. Kidd
Fordham University Press

Opening with quick readings of A Child’s Guide to Freud (1963) and Communism for Kids (2014), the introduction outlines the topics and concerns of the book and provides a discussion of how theory and philosophy are treated in this context and have been conceptualized more generally. It introduces philosophy for children or P4C and explains what “theory for beginners” means. Also described is the philosophical turn in children’s literature studies, a turn this book both analyzes and encourages. The last section reviews theoretical and critical work on childhood and addresses concerns that theorists and philosophers too often and easily speak for children rather than listen to them. The introduction also makes a case for “wonder” and emphasizes the book’s alignment with childhood studies.

Keywords:   childhood studies, A Child’s Guide to Freud, Communism for Kids, P4C, philosophical turn, theory for beginners, theory’s child, wonder

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