Dynamis of HealingPatristic Theology and the Psyche

Dynamis of HealingPatristic Theology and the Psyche

Pia Sophia Chaudhari

Print publication date: 2020

ISBN: 9780823284658

Publisher: Fordham University Press


This work is an exploration of possible experiential traces of Orthodox Christian ontology and soteriology in the healing of the psyche as known and experienced through depth psychology. It explores a possible relationship between theology and depth psychology as mediated through a lens of the sacramentality of creation. Using a variety of patristic soteriological images, all of which converge around the central theme of “that which is not assumed is not healed,” it then goes on to offer a possible psychological exegesis of that key patristic maxim, seeking to understand how this might be experienced psychologically. This is done through the lens of the assumption of being qua being as explored through insights into the natural healing impetus of the psyche qua psyche. The exploration then turns to the ontological energies of eros, desire, and will and looks for traces of the assumption of eros in psychological healing, as seen primarily through the lens of object-relations theory.