InterdependenceBiology and Beyond

InterdependenceBiology and Beyond

Kriti Sharma

Print publication date: 2016

ISBN: 9780823265527

Publisher: Fordham University Press


In Interdependence, biologist Kriti Sharma offers a tightly argued, richly exemplified, and impressively coherent alternative to the popular view that interdependence simply means “independent things interacting.” Sharma systematically builds up a view of interdependence as mutual constitution—a detailed explanation of how things come into being at all dependent on one another. Sharma takes the reader step-by-step through increasingly sophisticated arguments, illustrating each point with vivid examples from the biological sciences and from everyday living. Called “a model of accessible but serious and eloquent science writing” (Evan Thompson, University of British Columbia), Interdependence will be of interest both to scholars (in biology, philosophy, cognitive science, and literary theory) and to general readers interested in engaging this fascinating and timely topic. Clear, concise, and insightful, Interdependence is one of the first books to explicitly offer a coherent and practical philosophy of interdependence and will help shape what interdependence comes to mean in the twenty-first century.