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Dante and Islam:

Dante and Islam:

History and Analysis of a Controversy

(p.31) Dante and Islam
Dante and Islam
Vicente Cantarino
Fordham University Press

Traces the history of scholarly engagement on the question of Islamic influence on Dante’s Divine Comedy from the early twentieth century to the 1960s. While focusing on critical moments such as the publications of Miguel Asín Palacios and the discovery of the Liber scale machometi, it also traces from the late eighteenth century the roots of work on the broader question of Oriental influence on Dante. This historical context grants an informed perspective on the polemics that have raged on both sides of this debate, especially owing to nationalist interests. Attending to both sides also reveals how Dante studies have remained isolated from continuing work in other disciplines. By critical reading of scholarship on the question of Dante and the Islamic visionary tradition from French, German, Spanish, and Italian intellectuals, a better picture emerges of promising areas for further inquiry.

Keywords:   Miguel Asín Palacios

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