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(p.1) Introduction
Dante and Islam
Jan M. Ziolkowski
Fordham University Press

Offers a twenty-first century perspective on the history of studies on Dante and Islam, how the topic resonates today, and how the volume takes an innovative approach to a long-standing field of study. Examines difficulties that such a consideration entails, with the Commedia taken as a summa of medieval Christian culture and therefore still subject to sometimes violent rejection for its apparent condemnation of Muhammad in Inferno. Lays out the history of the scholarly controversy, from the heated reaction to the first publication of Miguel Asín Palacios on the topic. Shows how the essays in this volume offer alternative readings that balance historical context with analysis of possible points of contact, ranging from linguistic ties to Islamic visionary and philosophical traditions. Conscious that religious and cultural differences are presently at the forefront of public consciousness, it emphasizes measured scholarship that embraces multiple perspectives and grounds itself in history.

Keywords:   Dante Alighieri, Islam, Vision Literature, convivencia, Islamophilia, Islamophobia

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