DivinanimalityAnimal Theory, Creaturely Theology

DivinanimalityAnimal Theory, Creaturely Theology

Stephen Moore

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9780823263196

Publisher: Fordham University Press


A turn to the animal is underway in the humanities, most obviously in such fields as philosophy, literary studies, cultural studies, and religious studies. One important catalyst for this development has been the remarkable body of animal theory issuing from such thinkers as Jacques Derrida and Donna Haraway. What might the resulting interdisciplinary field, commonly termed animality studies, mean for theology, biblical studies, and other cognate disciplines? Is it possible to move from animal theory to creaturely theology? This volume is the first full-length attempt to grapple centrally with these questions. It attempts to triangulate philosophical and theoretical reflections on animality and humanity with theological reflections on divinity. If the animal–human distinction is being rethought and retheorized as never before, then the animal–human–divine distinctions need to be rethought, retheorized, and retheologized along with it. This is the task that the multidisciplinary team of theologians, biblical scholars, philosophers, and historians assembled in this volume collectively undertakes. They do so frequently with recourse to Derrida's animal philosophy and also with recourse to an eclectic range of other relevant thinkers, such as Haraway, Giorgio Agamben, Emmanuel Levinas, Gloria Anzaldua, Helene Cixous, A. N. Whitehead, and Lynn White Jr. The result is a volume that will be essential reading for religious studies audiences interested in ecological issues, animality studies, and posthumanism, as well as for animality studies audiences interested in how constructions of the divine have informed constructions of the nonhuman animal through history.

Table of Contents


Stephen D. Moore

Devouring the Human

Erika Murphy

The Apophatic Animal

Jacob J. Erickson

Animal Calls

Kate Rigby

Anzaldúa’s Animal Abyss

An Yountae and Peter Anthony Mena

Daniel’s Animal Apocalypse

Jennifer L. Koosed and Robert Paul Seesengood


Stephen D. Moore

So Many Faces

Jay Mcdaniel and J. Aaron Simmons

End Matter