Christian Lives Given to the Study of Islam

Christian Lives Given to the Study of Islam

Christian W. Troll and C.T.R. Hewer

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780823243198

Publisher: Fordham University Press


This book captures the autobiographical reflections of twenty-eight Christians who were amongst those who, in the wake of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) and initiatives of the World Council of Churches, committed their lives to the study of Islam and to practical Christian-Muslim relations in new and irenic ways. They record what drew them into the study of Islam, how their careers developed, what sustained them in this work and salient milestones along the way. These men and women come from a dozen nationalities and across the spectrum of the Western Church. Their accounts take us to twenty-five countries and into all the branches of Islamic studies: Qur'an, Hadith, Shari'a, Sufism, philology, theology and philosophy. They range in age from late-forties to late-nineties and so have a wealth of experience to share. They give fascinating insights into personal encounters with Islam and Muslims, speak of the ways in which their Christian traditions of spiritual training formed and nourished them, and deal with some of the misunderstandings and opposition that they have faced along the way. In an analytical conclusion, the editors draw out themes and pointers towards future developments. Such a constellation has not existed before and will not be seen again for at least half a century. Theirs is a unique generation and this is their considered contribution to the state of Christian-Muslim engagement today.

Table of Contents


Christian W. Troll and C. T. R. Hewer

The Tents of Kedar

Kenneth Cragg

Following a Path of Dialogue

Maurice Borrmans


Sigvard von Sicard

A Man of Dialogue

Christiaan van Nispen tot Sevenaer

A Boy from God's Country

Andreas D'Souza

An Engagement with Islam

Christopher Lamb

Grace Builds on Nature

C. T. R. Hewer

A Lenten Journey

Daniel Madigan

Journeying toward God

Joseph Ellul

So What Have We Learned?

Christian W. Troll and C. T. R. Hewer

End Matter